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What is the minimum purchase for Zip?

  • To use Zip, your order subtotal must be equal to or greater than $35.00 (after discounts applied).

What will I need to use Zip?
In order to have an account with Zip, you must:

  • Live in the US
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a valid and verifiable mobile number
  • Use a US credit or debit card to make a purchase

Doe Zip approve every order?

  • Zip assesses each order at the time it is placed. Our automated system takes into account various factors to determine whether you are approved and what spend limit we can provide you with. 
  • Zip will place a hold of 25% of your purchase amount at the time of the transaction to confirm your installment plan. If you don't have this available your order will not be approved.
  • We also look at the total value of your order and can deny transactions if they exceed certain limits. Sometimes reducing the value of your order can help.

Are there fees associated with Zip?

  • Yes, there are fees associated with the use of Zip. There is a $1 per-installment fee to use Zip, regardless of the size of your order. As long as your installments are paid on-time, there are no other fees to shop with Zip.
  • Zip will charge a $7 late fee if your payment cannot be processed because your debit card account has insufficient funds or your credit card is no longer valid. If any installment goes past 7 days late, there will be a single additional fee per order of $7.